Mix Trends Spring Summer 2015 forecast

Published by Global Color Research, London, Mix Trends is a bi-annual color trend forecast book. Book 28 contains color trends for Spring Summer 2015.


Color palettes


Aura palette inspirations:

  • Ethereal Colors & Fabrics
  • Sensorial Effects
  • Blown Glass Shapes
  • Suspended Threads & Networks
  • Pearl & Irridescent Finishes
  • Space Photography
  • Bubble Patterns
  • Tints of Color

Glaze palette inspirations:

  • Lush & Tropical Glades
  • Bleeding & Mottled Color
  • Ceramic Glazes
  • Wet Dewy Finishes
  • Natural Resins
  • Powder Effects
  • Underground Parks
  • Rainforest Flora & Fauna

Belong palette inspirations:

  • Archetypical Profiles
  • Humble & Simple Design
  • Familiar Shape & Form
  • Brass Metals
  • Reinvented & Updated
  • Classic Materials
  • Everyday Objects
  • Cork Surfaces

Emerge palette inspirations:

  • Surrealist Design
  • Hybrid Forms / Ikebana
  • Decorative Body Painting
  • Exploding Color
  • Engineered & Controlled
  • Pigment Effects
  • Reinvention of Fruits & Plants
  • Natural / Man-Made Mix
In 2008 Michael Henrik Holtermann started Holtermann Design LLC, a design shop in the East Village, Manhattan. A native of Norway, Michael has lived and worked as a graphic designer and photographer in New York for more than 25 years. Email Michael.
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  • George Gehringer

    My partner Karen Pearlstein and I have been doing color forecasting for over 25 years. We are always interested in how various studios and companies put their forecasts together to produce actionable results that manufacturers can apply to their business. We would be interested in how Mix Trends Spring Summer 2015 Forecast was derived.

  • Michael

    That’s an interesting question, George. In my search for color trends, I find little about the initial research and thinking behind the choices. I believe ideas are found in photography – Instagram photos can be one source – movies, global focus such as wars and happenings, technology (LED lights), vintage, recycling of fashion, art, etc.

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