Stat of the Day: Holiday e-Commerce by the Numbers

By Matt Carmichael, Published on Ad Age Stat November 22, 2011

We [AdAge] recently got an email from Walgreens offering up a sneak preview of its Black Friday special offers. The interesting twist was that customers were required to download a new mobile app in order to see the deals. Turns out, this is part of a trend.

Digital marketing strategists, Acquity Group, pulled together some more timely data for us about the upcoming holiday shopping season. Nearly one in five retailers have developed some sort of apps to help mobile shoppers buy their goods. Mobile’s impact continues to grow.

Of course, brick and mortar outlets are hoping for a strong holiday season, too. A new Deloitte survey found that nearly one in four Black Friday shoppers plan to hit the stores for the midnight door busters. The shoppers surveyed said they still have to complete more than 75% of their expected holiday shopping.

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